Create a Profile of Your Customer

A good way to tell if Pinterest is right for your business is to ask some questions about who your ideal customer is. The following are some questions to help determine if Pinterest right for your customers. Are they Men or Women? Married or Single? Do they work from home or in an office setting? What about their education? What kind of income do they bring in every year? What are their spending and personal habits like? What kind of lifestyle do they live? What type of social networks does your customer use,if any? Take some time to write a description of your customer and be as detailed as you can.

Ask yourself what kind of information does your customer share when they are on social media sites? Do they like to share political facts and data, social causes, and news of the day? Are they after information primarily and not really interested how it is delivered? Are looking for information that grabs them. This type is more of a facts based person. Are they right for Pinterest. Maybe not so much.

Does your customer share links to video sites like YouTube, links to cat videos or other animal videos. Do they share quotes, photos of current news events or causes they are interested in? This person is relies more on intuition, their emotions, and are more of the caring type. This person is more of a match for Pinterest.

Next, does your target customer share photos that are inspirational, cartoons that are funny, text graphics, and funny quotes? Do they have an interest in traveling and share pictures of where they have been? This type of person is an excellent fit for pinterest.

Now you have a detailed profile of your ideal customer. Good job. I gave you some ideas on how to rate your customer for compatibility with Pinterest. Next we’ll go over how you communicate with your customers and how Pinterest can fit into these different means of reaching your audience.