How Do You Reach Your Customers?

So how do you communicate with your customers now? Through Facebook, a blog or a website? Do you primarily speak to you customers through written text, pictures or audio? Text is one way to get your message across but photos can engage your customers on an emotional level. You might try posting some photos related to your topic in your next message. It may provide some emotional engagement and interactivity that was missing with text alone.

Does your audience like to listen to your messages? Do they listen while driving of working out at the gym. Do you communicate to your customers through audio primarily? Is your audience on the move. Do they not have time to look at graphics. If that is the case, Pinterest may not be your best solution.

Do your rely on text a lot? Ever ask why? Communicating through pictures, infographic, and video might be just what your audience wants. You could insert some pictures in your next communication. See how they react. Did they comment on the picture? Pinterest may be right for you.

Finally, if you like to communicate with videos, pictures and informational grahics, Pinterest is a must for you to reach your audience. If you are not sure, test if out with some pictures in some of the current communications with your customers. Maybe an illustration or color demonstration of a point you’re trying to make. Then guage the response. You could open a whole new communications channel with your customers through Pinterest.